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In order to provide the optimal experience for all our clients, we ask that you adhere to the guidelines below.
Spa Etiquette

Please be on time for your spa service.  Arriving 15 min. early will allow more time for relaxation and change out prior to your service.
Changing out for a facial:  You will be given a wrap, slippers and a robe.  You should undress down to your underpants.
Changing out for a massage:  You will be given a robe and slippers.  Some prefer no underwear and others prefer wearing underpants only.


Children are not allowed in the spa unless they are receiving a service.
TIME ALLOTMENTS: All spa services include additional time for changing, foot bath, consultation, analysis and relaxation.
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We are a Creative Nail Design Certified Salon

Natural Manicures

Signature Spa Manicure
(about 40 min)
This ultimate manicure includes nail shaping, exfoliation, massage, cuticle treatment, deep hydration with heated mitts, and polish. Hands look and feel wonderful!

Sports Manicure
(about 25 min)
Well-groomed hands are a must for today's man. The nails are trimmed and shaped to precision, followed by a cuticle treatment and nail buffing that gives the hands a healthy look and feel.  Warm paraffin soothes tired hands while softening calluses.  A hand and arm massage is then performed to recharge tired, achy hands. The sports manicure leaves the hands looking great from week to week.

Classic Manicure
(about 25 min)
Beautify hands with nail shaping, cuticle treatment, warm hand soak, moisturizer and polish. This quick service keeps hands looking beautiful from week to week.


Stress Fix Stone Pedicure (about 1 hour)
The primary benefit of this premier foot and leg service is total relaxation.  During this wonderfully therapeutic treatment, natural heated stones become an extension of the techician's hands.  After being immersed in a whirpool bath of Aveda's restorative Stress Fix Soaking Salts, legs and feet are exfoliated and calluses and cuticles are treated.  Breathe in the aromatic essences of lavender, lavandin, and clary sage as Aveda's Stress Fix Concenrated Oils ar massaged into the tired muscles of feet and legs with warm stones.  Finalizing the treatment, nails are shaped and polished to perfection.  This aromatherapy service is a soothing treat for all the senses!

Ultra Fire & Ice Pedicure (1 hour)
This luxurious service offers a marine inspired facial for the feet. After shaping the nails and exfoliation, feet are treated with a cooling marine foot masque and topped off with a warm paraffin treatment. Finish with the polish of your choice. Included will be a warm towel behind the neck and a hand massage. What a sensation!

Signature Spa Pedicure
(50 Min)
Luxurious therapy for the feet. With this service, you have a choice of: a warm and relaxing, or a cool and rejuvenating hydrating masque. Either will soothe and comfort tired feet and leave them looking beautiful as well. Enjoy the comfort of the massage chair while soaking tired feet in a warm whirlpool. The exfoliation of the legs and feet, the shaping of nails, cuticle treatment , and callus removal leave feet and legs soft and smooth. Your choice of polish tops off this service, leaving feet soft, well groomed, and healthy. The choice of a foot masque or paraffin treatment & an extended foot & leg massage makes this service truly memorable! Your choice of polish completes this signature service, leaving feet soft, well groomed, and healthy.

Classic Pedicure (40 Min)
This classic treatment ensures proper care and maintenance of tired, achy feet. Feet are soaked in a warm footbath while the guest luxuriates in our relaxing massage chair. Next, nails, cuticles, and calluses are professionally treated along with a hydrating foot and leg massage. A polish of choice is then applied to complete the perfection.

Sports Pedicure
(about 40 min.)
A sports pedicure is an ideal service for our male guest. After a custom foot soak, the nails are trimmed and filed to perfection. Next, the cuticles are treated and gently pushed back. The feet are exfoliated with a soothing foot scrub, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. After a callus treatment, a moisturizing massage is performed, leaving the feet feeling rejuvenated and well groomed.

Quick Fix Pedi (about 20 min)
This condensed pedicure combines a warm foot soak, cuticle treatment, shaping of the nails and polish. Terrific for a quick fix between full pedicures.

Paraffin Treatment

This warm therapeutic treatment can be included with a manicure/pedicure or performed alone. Paraffin treatments warm achy joints and hydrate feet and hands.

Polish Change ( Kids 12 & Under $10 )

Acrylic Nail Enhancements
An artful application of artificial nails can enhance any hands. All work is hand-filed.

Full Set
(tip is glued to free edge of natural nail to add length, product of choice is applied over tip)

Natural $60
Pink & White $70

(product of choice is applied directly over natural nail)

Natural $50
Pink & White $60

Maintenance (Fill Ins)

Natural: $38-40
Pink & White: $41-45
Buff & Polish: $27
Nail Repair: $8

Shellac Polish
The Shellac Application features gel polishes which will allow you to leave immediately with dry polish. The finish will also last up to two weeks without chipping or peeling. This is the perfect solution for a trip to the beach, a special occasion, or anytime you want to be certain that your polish remains flawless.

Shellac Manicure
(about 45-60 min) $37 & up

(about 50 min) $42 & up

Prices are subject to change without notice. For more detailed pricing information and service questions, please visit our Information page


Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions
Weightless and natural looking semi-permanent lashes are applied to your own individual lashes with high quality, virtually odorless adhesive. Our lashes are the best quality in the industry! Extensions can last indefinitely with the recommended 2-3 week fills. Complimentary consultation required prior to any initial application.  In most cases, lashes should be tinted 24 hours prior to getting lash extensions.

$188 & up    Full Set
$131 & up    Partial Set 
$95 & up      2-3 Week Fills 
$76 & up      2-3 Week Partial Fills  

$37    Lash Tinting (about 30 min)


To make lashes look fuller and more natural, it is recommended that you have your lashes tinted 24 hours prior to lash extensions.


Ultra Peel (about 50 min)
This is the most powerful service for aging skin. Graduate up a level from a peel to a combination of a peel and microdermabrasion in one session. This aggressive approach to skin resurfacing is only utilized in phase two of the CosMedix Metabolic Peel process.


Today's Peels:
These peels may be enjoyed today for immediate benefits.  Your skin care professional will help you determine the peel that will produce the best results to meet your specific needs.

Pomegranate Exfoliator- Antioxidant Exfoliating Treatment
Using some of nature's most potent antioxidants, inluding pomegranate and red wine Resveratrol, this gentle L-Lactic Acid treatment clarifies and corrects superficial skin concerns for a dewy, radiant finish.

Benefit Treatment- Therapeutic Resurfacer
Combining 10% encapsulated Retinol with powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C to neutralize irritation, this treatment actively resurfaces as it repairs to help brighten and firm the skin.

Purity Treatment- Clarifying Resurfacer
With deep-penetrating Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, plus encapsulated Vitamin A, this detoxifying deep epidermal treatment cuts through excess oil to decongest pores and clarify oily, blemish-prone skin.

Blueberry Jessner Peel
Mixing Salicylic and L-Lactic Acids with blueberry antioxidants, this peel provides dramatic resurfacing, smoothing away the look of blemishes and lines for a flawlessly smooth complexion.


Tomorrow's Peels:
Due to the intensity of these peels, a 10 to 30 day pre-treatment prep is required.  These peels produce optimal results.

Timeless Peel- Age-Defying Peel
Featuring our highest concentrations of encapsulated Retinol and L-Lactic Acid, this medium-depth peel dramatically reduces thesigns of aging and pigmentation with proven results.

Deep Sea Peel- Stimulating Herbal Peel
This acid-free herbal peel uses mineral-rich marine actives to penetrate from superficial to medium (dermal) depth to correct the look of acneic and prematurely aged skin.

CosMedix Metabolic Peels reap best results when done in a series of four peels.  When you purchase either a Today's or Tomorrow's Peel Series Package, you will receive a complimentary $50 credit toward any CosMedix at-home maintenance products.

CosMedix Metabolic Peel (about 30 min.  Must schedule complimentary consultation prior to receiving)
Safe, effective alternative to harsh chemical peels,  these state-of -the-art treatments produce rapid results with reduced irritation using the four following formulation principles: chiral-correction, pure botanicals, enhanced penetration, and skin-matrix support.  This type of peel offers dramatic results with no down-time.

$104 Indigenous Stone Facial (about 65 min)
Facial muscle tension can add years to your appearance and lead to headaches.  Allow us to melt away that tension with heated basalt stones as we help you to unwind.  The use of cold marble stones around your eyes will also aid in reducing puffiness during this truly therapeutic facial service.

$104 Power Regeneration Treatment (about 65 min)
Our most rejuvenating facial service for those concerned with signs of aging of the skin. Ideal for prematurely aged, dry, or sun-damaged skin in need of nourishment, regeneration and energizing. There are immediate, visible results on the skin with use of the Multi-Vitamin Power System and Customized Contour Masque.

$89 Savvy Renewal Facial (about 50 min)
Renew your skin. Renew your soul. This luxurious service combines treatment and relaxation to ensure you leave feeling and looking fantastic. An all-inclusive face therapy will be customized to individual needs following a complete face mapping consultation. A specific treatment will be included. You will experience deep cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, extraction, massage, treatment therapy, toning and moisturizer.

$89 Back Facial (about 60 min)

$89 The IonActive Power Treatment (about 45 min)

This action packed, bio+-charged treatment combines thermal activity and the latest treatment-room technology to optimize product penetration for rapid skin health results. Your skin will look and feel dramatically-improved, with reduced signs of skin aging, uneven skin tone, acne or dehydration. bio-charged therapy drives skin correcting ingredients deep into the basal cell layer by using advanced technologies.


(Extra time will be allotted for first time facial clients for face mapping.)

Customized types:

  • Medicated Clearing (acne)
  • Ultracalming (sensitized)
  • Skin Brightening (uneven pigmentation)
  • Dehydrated (dry)


$89 e-Serenity Microdermabrasion (about 40 min)
The e-Serenity Derma System is a quick, safe skin-resurfacing treatment. After consistent sessions, you will notice more radiant skin and smoothing of fine lines, scars and discoloration. The process includes gently delivering aluminum oxide to the top layer of your skin & then followed by a calming masque. You will leave the salon with rosy, glowing skin.

$71 Gentleman's Facial (about 35 min)
Designed especially for skin challenges that only men experience, this process will fulfill any and all concerns. Beginning with deep cleansing, smoothing exfoliation and extractions, concerns about ingrown hairs, dry, oily or aging skin are addressed. Includes a customized masque, comes a toner, eye protection and moisturizer.

$40 Customized Mini-Facial (about 20 min)
This mini-treatment focuses entirely on targeted skin revitalization.  It is perfect for those with time limitations who need quick results.  It is also an excellent way for new skin-care clients to be introduced to our facial service offerings.  Plus, for our first-timers, we will apply $15 from the cost of this service toward the purchase of your initial at-home starter kit.

Courses of treatment include:


Facial Waxing
Unwanted hair can be easily removed for a softer, prettier finish to the skin.

Lip or Chin $16
Brow $20
Brow/Lip or Brow/Chin $25
Brow/Lip/Chin $27
Full Face $35
Brow Tweezing $22
Facial Areas (Ears, Nose, etc.) $16 + Up

Face Mapping (about 10 min) Complimentary with facial
This should be included for any first-time client and is part of a complete consultation. There are fourteen zones on the face, neck and chest, which need analyzing. Inch by inch, our technicians will feel and look for any problems. This tactile analysis is superior for accurate treatment.

We only use Jane Iredale Cosmetics, the skin-care make-up with the purest of minerals. Visit The Catalog Click Here

Application $45 + Up
Make-Up Lesson $60 + Up
Bridal Make-Up$60 + Up
Make-Up Touch-Ups
Complimentary, when receiving a service.

Prices are subject to change without notice. For more detailed pricing information and service questions, please visit our Information page.


Massage therapy can provide a variety of health benefits including increased circulation, immune system support, reduced anxiety and much more. Massage can be used as part of a rigorous athletic training regimen, for a luxurious treat and everything in between. The skilled massage therapists at Savvy Day Spa will customize your massage experience using varied pressure and techniques. Schedule your therapeutic and relaxing massage today.


All massages are performed by licensed massage therapists, and are customizable to your choice of time and firmness of touch.

$147 Fusion (about 1 hour 40 min)
Beginning with the Skin Renewal Body Polish, the body is first exfoliated and surface skin and toxins buffed away. Then healing mists from the Vichy Shower remove excess residue. A complete body massage follows. Natural oils enhanced with flower essences are massaged into perfectly polished skin. This ideal combination is the ultimate in massage.

$131 Indigenous Stone Therapy  (about 1 hour 15 min)
Bask in complete relaxation of the body and the mind. The use of heated basalt stones will enhance and magnify the benefits of our full body massage. The ultimate in massage service, this application helps with circulation and breaks up congestion by releasing toxins. Penetrating warmth will relax your every muscle. Settle for nothing less than the best in relaxation.

$104 Stress-Fix Massage (about 65 min)
This massage was specifically created by holistic practitioners at Aveda to eliminate stress and ease tension.  You will melt into the table as you experience a massage like no other, combining aromatherapy, reflexology, accupressure, deep tissue, and Swedish modalities.  Never have you experienced such true relaxation.

$104 Chakra Balancing Ritual  (about 65 min)
Create internal harmony with this unique treatment. This journey fuses visualization and touch to achieve total relaxation. Therapists incorporate targeted massage, reflexology and energy work to help align each chakra leaving you with a deeper sense of wellness and balance. You will feel as light as a feather upon completion.

$104 Rainforest (about 65 min)
A lighter touch, relaxation massage is performed by soothing hands of skilled therapists. Then, for total bliss, showers of water pulsate over the body to complete this service.

$102 Heavenly Bed of Roses (about 50 min)
Enjoy a massage of luxury with candle lit ambiance. The scene is set with rose petals sprinkled generously making an actual "bed of roses". The massage is performed using rose oil over the entire body. A single rose gift is presented upon completion.

The Surrender
This massage can either be soothing and gentle utilizing Swedish massage techniques to relieve tension and stress, or it can be deep tissue for a more neuromuscular, medical type of massage. Therapist will work within your comfort zone, only working as deeply as the muscle will allow.

Please allow an additional 15-20 minutes for change out and consultation.
Surrender 35 min. $69
Surrender 50 min. $89
Surrender 65 min. $104
Surrender 95 min. $139

Couples Massage
Two massages performed in the same room at the same time.  A perfect way to spend a peaceful hour or two with a friend, family member or sweetheart!  This option is available for any time increment of the Surrender, Heavenly Bed of Roses, or Indigenous Stone Therapy Massage.  Cost is the same as two individual massages.

$104 Prenatal (about 65 min)
This nurturing massage is designed to soothe the common discomforts associated with pregnancy. It is performed with the mother to be lying on her side using pillows for support and comfort.

Bellabaci Cupping Massage
Cupping is an ancient technique that uses suction to increase circulation and collagen production, reduce inflammation and pain, and breaks up adhesions under the skin. It reduces muscle tension and the appearance of cellulite.

Please allow an additional 15-20 minutes for change out and consultation.
Bellabaci Cupping Massage 35 min. $69
Bellabaci Cupping Massage 50 min. $89
Bellabaci Cupping Massage 65 min. $104

$20 Headache Relief Cupping Treatment (about 15 minutes)
Treat discomfort and prevent migraines and headaches by removing metabolic waste. Gets fluids moving to relieve sinus congestion and pain.

$20 Facial Rejuvenation Cupping Treatment (about 15 minutes)
Restores facial resilience and tone by boosting blood circulation and collagen production.

$89 Reflexology (about 50 min)
Bring balance to your entire body through the feet. Developed from ancient cultures, Foot Reflexology targets specific points on the feet that correspond to organs and other areas of the body. A 30 minute Reflexology may be added to The Surrender or Deep Tissue massages.

$20 Tranquil Chair (15 min)
Seated Chair Massage. Got Stress? No time? Get 15 minutes of our stress-relieving chair massage. Great for headaches, neck aches and general job tension.

Therapeutic Target Massage

This service allows anyone who may suffer from muscle tightness & soreness to experience the benefits of receiving a comprehensive course of massage therapy. This treatment-based massage is different from a “relaxation” massage, as it targets only the specific problem areas. 

35- Minute Therapeutic Target Massage $47
45-Minute Therapeutic Target Massage $68

Therapeutic Target Massage Package
Consists of a series of (3) Therapeutic Target Massages. The price reflects a $5 discount per massage. This package expires within 6-weeks of purchase, as these treatment massages must be performed on a regular, timely basis in order to reap maximum benefits.

35- Minute Therapeutic Target Massage Series Package $126
45-Minute Therapeutic Target Massage Series Package $189

*All Therapeutic Target Massages & Packages cannot be booked without first receiving a diagnostic massage. (Any Surrender Massage will allow the therapist to determine the necessary treatment plan.)

*Series Purchase - All massages $89 and up, purchase 5 and the 6th is free.

Prices are subject to change without notice. For more detailed pricing information and service questions, please visit our Information page


While most guests are extremely comfortable with our draping style during Body services, some prefer to wear a swimsuit.

$131 Caribbean Body Ritual (about 1 hr 15 min)
Let the healing sensation of the Caribbean embrace you, bringing your body in touch and your heart at peace. This nurturing service begins with a dry exfoliation, followed by a smoothing, detoxifying seaweed masque and wrap. A light effleurage rub, followed by warm, soothing water therapy completes this tropical experience.

$97 Nurturing Mist Wrap (about 50 min )
Experience all elements of nature and the comforting power of touch. Jets of warm mists first soothe the body. Skin is then treated with a blend of oils and herbs applied expertly with gentle strokes of a skilled therapist. The body is then enveloped comfortably in order to absorb plant extracts and botanicals. This service ensures total relaxation, detoxifies the body, moisturizes, softens and soothes the skin while energizing the senses.

$97 Skin Renewal Body Polish (about 50 min)
Using the healing powers of water, therapists treat the total body. The skin will be buffed with aqua polish or salt, leaving the skin smooth and glowing. Surface toxins are then rinsed away with soothing mists of the Vichy Shower. Thorough application of creamy hydrants leaves skin moist and supple. Indulge in total relaxation of the mind, body and soul.

$89 Moisture Rich Dry Body Wrap (about 50 min)
Replenish and repair dry skin with this moisturizing body wrap. After a gentle exfoliation an ultra-rich cream is applied to the skin. The body is then wrapped comfortably, creating a warm cocoon. Meanwhile, a soothing blend of essential oils is used for a relaxing scalp and face massage. This treatment will leave your skin soft and silky smooth.

$89 Stress Fix Back Treatment (about 50 min)
The perfect treatment to prepare for bikini season or any time you will be wearing that little black dress.  This thoroughly relaxing aromatherapy service combines the benefits of a cleansing and exfoliation with the calming effects of back compressions and light effleurage.  Achieve multi-faceted benefits!

$66 Back Facial (about 35 min)
The skin of the back can be just as revealing as the skin on the face...that is why it should be treated in the same fashion!  If you want to have that silky smooth, blemish-free back, this service is a must have.  We customize the exact formula for your skin type.

Body Waxing
Unwanted hair can be safely removed for a smoother, prettier finish to the skin.

Bikini $35
Brazilian $65
Half Leg $45
Full Leg $76
Half Arm $30
Full Arm $45
Under Arm $20
Chest $40 + Up
Stomach $40
Back $50 + Up

For more detailed pricing information and service questions, please visit our Information page.

Spend the day or spend an hour basking in pure relaxation. We provide a variety of packages for your enjoyment. Indulge yourself or give the gift of pure pleasure to someone else. (We respectfully ask that children not be brought along for your spa services unless they are receiving a Next Generation spa service. Please silence all cell phones and pagers while in our spa area.) Lunch may be added to any spa package upon request.

$328 The Perfect Pair (about 2 hours, 45 min.)
Enjoy this perfect pair of spa delights with your favorite person, whether it is your sweatheart, daughter, or best friend.

  • Couples 65 Minute Surrender Massage
  • Ultra Fire & Ice Pedicure for Two

$321 The Savvy Signature Retreat (about 5 hours)
Let Savvy help you escape from the pressures of day-to-day life with a selection of our most popular signature spa services. Our gentle & skilled staff will ensure that you enjoy total body relaxation as your troubles melt away.

  • Fusion Massage
  • Savvy renewal Facial
  • Savvy Spa Pedicure
  • Savvy Spa Manicure

$310 The Stress-Fix (about 5 hours)
Experience the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy. Our Stress-Fix Massage & Pedicure incorporates Aveda's organic certified blend of aromas which are clinically proven to reduce stress. Topped off with a relaxing Facial and Spa Manicure with soothing paraffin, this full day of bliss is sure to ease away all signs of tension.

  • Stress Fix Massage
  • Stress Fix Stone Pedicure
  • Savvy Renewal Facial
  • Savvy Signature Manicure w/ Paraffin

$227 The Savvy Man (about 3 hours 30 min)
Recharge yourself while disconnecting from life's distractions. These services are specifically customized for him. For gentlemen in need of major stress relief, this package may be injoyed all in one visit, or for those busy individuals with little time to spare, these services may be received separately.

  • 50 min Surrender Massage
  • Gentleman's Facial
  • Sports Pedicure
  • Sports Manicure

$117 The Mini Sampler (about 1 hours 45 min)
This petite package is a sampling of abbreviated spa offerings. It is the perfect combination of services for those on a time budget.

  • Customized Mini Facial
  • The Classic Manicure
  • The Quick Fix Pedi
  • Tranquil Chair Massage

Prices are subject to change without notice. For more detailed pricing information and service questions, please visit our Information page

$27 Starburst Manicure (about 30 min.)
Finally!  A candy-coated treat you can enjoy as often as you like! This manicure begins with a soak in a warm fruit-scented bath.  Next, the nails are filed and cuticles treated. The hands are pampered with a citrus exfoliating scrub and then massaged using a moisturizing hydrating cream. A polish of your choice is then applied to top off this indulgent service.

$30 Starburst Pedicure (about 30 min.)
A sweet treat for the feet, this pedicure starts with a fruit-scented foot soak. The nails are trimmed and shaped, and the cuticles are treated and pushed back for a well groomed look. Then the fun begins with a tangy citrus scrub that exfoliates the skin. After a moisturizing cream is applied, an irresistible foot massage is performed. The service is topped off with a polish of your choice.

$138 Mommy & Me Massage (about 35 min.)
Enjoy a massage, side-by-side, with the one you love the most! The shorter time is perfect for those new to the spa experience.


Mommy & Me Package (about 1 hour, 35 min.)

Share a special day together!

Mom enjoys:
Classic Manicure, Quick Fix Pedi

Child enjoys:
Starburst Manicure, Starburst Pedicure

Both enjoy :
Mommy & Me Massage

Prices are subject to change without notice. For more detailed pricing information and service questions, please visit our Information page

(about 30 min) $35/ Series of 3 $ $75

(about 30 min) $45/ Series of 3 $100

Let us add some color to your life!  Tan safely without the harmful effects of UV, toxins, chemicals, perfumes, alcohol, or artificial dyes.  Our Sjolie system is organic and certified vegan and provides a natural-looking, beautiful glow.  You may upgrade to the Express Tan, which cures in as little as 1 to 3 hours.

Are You Ready To Make A Change

Schedule a consultation with a master stylist today, make the change.

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Savvy Salon & Day Spa invites guests to relax and enjoy personalized skin care treatments, spa services and designer haircuts and styles. The day spa, located in the Cornelius, offers massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, makeup application, designer haircuts and styles and more. Choose from services such as The Savvy Signature Retreat, The Stress-Fix, and The Mini Sampler or the The Perfect Pair.

Guests can purchase gift certificates that include a manicure, pedicure, haircut/blow dry and makeup application.

We service customers all over the charlotte, Lake Norman areas of

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We service customers all over the charlotte, Lake Norman areas of

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