Body Treatments


While most guests are extremely comfortable with our draping style during Body services, some prefer to wear a swimsuit.

Fusion Massage

Caribbean Body Ritual (about 1 hr 15 min) $131
Let the healing sensation of the Caribbean embrace you, bringing your body in touch and your heart at peace. This nurturing service begins with a dry exfoliation, followed by a smoothing, detoxifying seaweed masque and wrap. A light effleurage rub, followed by warm, soothing water therapy completes this tropical experience.
Nurturing Mist Wrap (about 50 min )$97
Experience all elements of nature and the comforting power of touch. Jets of warm mists first soothe the body. Skin is then treated with a blend of oils and herbs applied expertly with gentle strokes of a skilled therapist. The body is then enveloped comfortably in order to absorb plant extracts and botanicals. This service ensures total relaxation, detoxifies the body, moisturizes, softens and soothes the skin while energizing the senses.
Skin Renewal Body Polish (about 50 min)$97
Using the healing powers of water, therapists treat the total body. The skin will be buffed with aqua polish or salt, leaving the skin smooth and glowing. Surface toxins are then rinsed away with soothing mists of the Vichy Shower. Thorough application of creamy hydrants leaves skin moist and supple. Indulge in total relaxation of the mind, body and soul.
Moisture Rich Dry Body Wrap (about 50 min)$89
Replenish and repair dry skin with this moisturizing body wrap. After a gentle exfoliation an ultra-rich cream is applied to the skin. The body is then wrapped comfortably, creating a warm cocoon. Meanwhile, a soothing blend of essential oils is used for a relaxing scalp and face massage. This treatment will leave your skin soft and silky smooth.
Stress Fix Back Treatment (about 50 min)$89
The perfect treatment to prepare for bikini season or any time you will be wearing that little black dress. This thoroughly relaxing aromatherapy service combines the benefits of a cleansing and exfoliation with the calming effects of back compressions and light effleurage. Achieve multi-faceted benefits!
Back Facial (about 35 min)$89
The skin of the back can be just as revealing as the skin on the face...that is why it should be treated in the same fashion! If you want to have that silky smooth, blemish-free back, this service is a must have. We customize the exact formula for your skin type.


Let us add some color to your life! Tan safely without the harmful effects of UV, toxins, chemicals, perfumes, alcohol, or artificial dyes. Our Sjolie system is organic and certified vegan and provides a natural-looking, beautiful glow. You may upgrade to the Express Tan, which cures in as little as 1 to 3 hours.

Airbrush Tanning (about 30 min) $35
Series of 3 $75
Express Airbrush Tanning (about 30 min)$45
Series of 3 $100

Prices are subject to change.