“The hair enhances and reflects the entire persona. Color, shape, texture and movement can be expertly designed by our professional artists.”


Savvy’s Hair Salon offers an experience like no other. Before cutting or styling begins, a complete consultation is performed by a Master Stylist. The hair is then prepared for the service by selection of a specific shampoo and conditioner followed by a scalp massage.

All guests leave with a finished design. Time allotments are used for pricing services. As we have several service level designers, the base price is featured. All prices are base price and up.

We perform deep conditioning treatments for both hair and scalp. Special blends are combined for your individual needs. Product is massaged liberally into hair and scalp.


Hair Cut & Style Services


Newer stylists with some experience. They have completed our entire training program and are skill certified to perform most of our service offerings at a slightly reduced price.
Stylists very experienced in every area of hairdressing. These are experts, and you can put your trust in their gifted hands.
Stylists who are in a leadership capacity. They have extra training in many areas, and perform educational functions for our staff. Their skills are exemplary and the services are of the highest tier.


Women's Cut & Style (based on 45 minutes)$82 & UP
Gentlemen's Cut and Style (based on 30 minutes)$52 & UP
Receive a complimentary Skin Fitness Facial with all Men's Cuts and Styles. This express service includes cleansing scrub, mask, hot towel, scalp massage, toner, skin firmer, and SPF protection.
Shampoo and Blowout (based on 30 minutes)$52 & UP


Women's Cut & Style (based on 45 minutes)$74 & UP
Gentlemen's Cut and Style (based on 30 minutes)$48 & UP
Receive a complimentary Skin Fitness Facial with all Men's Cuts and Styles. This express service includes cleansing scrub, mask, hot towel, scalp massage, toner, skin firmer, and SPF protection.
Shampoo and Blowout (based on 30 minutes) $48 & UP


Women's Cut & Style (based on 45 minutes)$54 & UP
Gentlemen's Cut and Style (based on 30 minutes)$36 & UP
Receive a complimentary Skin Fitness Facial with all Men's Cuts and Styles. This express service includes cleansing scrub, mask, hot towel, scalp massage, toner, skin firmer, and SPF protection.
Shampoo and Blowout (based on 30 minutes)$34 & UP


Women's Cut & Style (based on 1 hour)$30 & UP
Gentlemen's Cut and Style (based on 45 minutes)$20 & UP
Shampoo and Blowout (based on 45 minutes)$20 & UP

Specialty Style

Proms, Bridal Hair, Special Occasion (based on 1 hour)$86 & UP

Conditioning Treatments

Kerastase Customized Treatments$30*

Customized to address your specific needs. Includes the following:

  • Moisturizing
  • Reparative
  • Bodifying
  • Color Protection
  • Shine Enhancing

*Price does not include finished style.

Hair Coloring

Changing the color of one’s hair can be an exciting experience. From a bold statement to a subtle blend, our color experts are prepared to make that change. Color prices vary with the individual service depending upon time spent, product used and service rendered. We have six American Board-certified Hair Colorists on staff to help craft the perfect shade for you.

You may choose a Master Stylist or Understudy Stylist to perform you hair color service. All Understudies have completed cosmetology school, and are still engaged in our extensive training program. Their colors are typically 20 to 40% less than standard color prices.

Foil Highlighting

The process of lightening selected strands of hair.

Director Full Foil (2 hours)$205 & UP
Master Full Foil (2 hours)$188 & UP
Understudy Full Foil (2 hours)$156 & UP
Protege Full Foil (2 hours)$70 & UP

Partial Foil Highlighting

When you only need the hair around the face and across the top of the head to just past the crown area.  Perfect for maintenance of the part area and around the face between full foiling services.

Director Partial Foil (1.5 hours)$155 & UP
Master Partial Foil (1.5 hours)$141 & UP
Understudy Partial Foil (1.5 hours)$109 & UP
Protege Partial Foil (1.5 hours)$50 & UP


The process of adding darker streaks throughout previously lightened hair to reduce the amount of blonde, add depth, or reduce the amount of warmth in the hair.

Director Lowlights (2 hours)$205 & UP
Master Lowlights (2 hours)$188 & UP
Understudy Lowlights (2 hours)$146 & UP
Protege Lowlights (2.5 hours)$70 & UP


Lighten the regrowth while adding darker streaks in the previously lightened ends.

Director High-Lowlighting (2.25 hours)$231 & UP
Master High-Lowlighting (2.25 hours)$212 & UP
Understudy High-Lowlighting (2.25 hours)$164 & UP
Protege High-Lowlighting (2.25 hours)$85 & UP

Partial High-Lowlighting

Director Partial High-Lowlighting (1.75 hours)$178 & UP
Master Partial High-Lowlighting (1.75 hours)$165 & UP
Understudy Partial High-Lowlighting (1.75 hours)$127 & UP
Protege Partial High-Lowlighting (1.75 hours)$60 & UP

Sparkle Lights

This is a process by which no more than 15 foils are placed throughout the hair, and the hair is colored around the foils.

Director Sparkle Lights (1.75 hours)$178 & UP
Master Sparkle Lights (1.75 hours)$165 & UP
Understudy Sparkle Lights (1.75 hours)$127 & UP
Protege Sparkle Lights (1.75 hours)$60 & UP

Permanent Color

Director Permanent Hair Color (1.5 hours)$103 & UP
Master Permanent Hair Color (1.5 hours)$94 & UP
Understudy Permanent Hair Color (1.5 hours)$73 & UP
Protege Permanent Hair Color (1.5 hours)$60 & UP
INOA$16 upcharge
Innovative, no-ammonia hair color, perfect for clients with scalp sensitivity.
Illumina$11 upcharge
Translucent, light-reflective color
Redken Color Camo (15 minutes)$30
Men's hair color to blend grey. Gradually fades from hair in about six weeks.

Color Gloss

Process in which your natural hair color is lifted slightly, up to 1 shade. Sometimes referred to as “base bumping”. Includes a finished style.

Director Color Gloss (1 hour)$103 & UP
Master Color Gloss (1 hour)$94 & UP
Understudy Color Gloss (1 hour)$73 & UP
Protege Color Gloss (1.25 hours)$40 & UP


Hair that progressively gets lighter as it travels from the scalp, through the mid-lengths, to the ends.

Director Ombre (2.5 hours)$260 & UP
Master Ombre (2.5 hours)$240 & UP
Understudy Ombre (2.5 hours)$180 & UP
Protege Ombre (2.75 hours)$100 & UP
Price based upon consult, product, and time. Toner not included.


Hand-painted highlights which create a softer, more natural appearance.

Director Balayage (2.25 hours)$231 & UP
Master Balayage (2.25 hours)$212 & UP
Understudy Balayage (2.25 hours)$164 & UP
Protege Balayage (2.75 hours)$90 & UP
Price based upon consult, product, and time. Toner not included.


The process of creating the ombre effect using hand-painted highlights.

Director Ombralage (3 hours)$312 & UP
Master Ombralage (3 hours)$288 & UP
Understudy Ombralage (3 hours)$216 & UP
Protege Ombralage (3.5 hours)$120 & UP
Price based upon consult, product, and time. Toner not included.

Corrective Hair Color

When your hair color is drastically altered; for example, removing unwanted color, changing from very light to very dark, or neutralizing unwanted tones in hair.  Priced upon consultation.


All hair color services include a finished style. For best results, please call to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Hair Texturing

Permanent Waves

Our permanent wave products are the finest in the industry. When  coupled with years of experience from our staff, our guests are assured of a wonderful perm every time! We carry traditional perm products as well as both thio-free and ammonia-free perms.
• Haircut is not included in the price of any texture service.

Perm$112 & UP*
Speciality Perm
Price based on time needed
Partial Perm$91 & UP*
Permanent wave prices include a finished style.

Straighteners & Relaxers

Keratin Brazilian TreatmentPriced upon consultation
Revolutionary process of rendering fuzzy hair smooth, curly hair straight, and dull hair shiny. This service addresses each hair strand by filling it with keratin and sealing the outer layer with a heated iron. If you have unruly hair that needs to be controlled without the damaging aspects of traditional smoothing and relaxing services, this is a must!

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Added Hair

“Volume and length can make a significant difference in how a style looks and performs. These state-of-the-art techniques will optimize your locks.”

Hair Extensions

We carry the finest hair extensions available. We can add length easily to any head. Have those glorious, long luscious locks you have always longed for. Adding color can also easily be attained by the systems we use as an added service.

You may choose from the options below. A detailed explanation can be delivered by one of our hair extension specialists:

  • Wavy Texture Additions
  • Seamless Tape System
  • Straight Texture Additions
  • Clip-Ins
  • Weft Systems

Prices and times vary according to choice of color, length, texture and system chosen. Consultation, $44, will be applied toward your first application. Full application priced upon consultation.


Totally different from anything else available today. This system has two very different purposes. It addresses thinning hair needs and fashion focus wants. This revolutionary system is not matched by any in the industry and can be used for those who need volume and not necessarily length. They can also be used to enhance color for a dramatic fashion statement.

  • Two fiber choices:
    1. 100% human hair ( Asian/Caucasian blend )
    2. 70% engineered, 30% human hair
  • Four texture choices.
  • Many color choices, from natural to fantasy
  • Three density choices

Consultation: $30, which can be applied toward your first application.