Natural Nail Services

We are a Creative Nail Design Certified Salon

CND Manicures

Signature Spa Manicure (about 40 min)$27$39
This ultimate manicure includes nail shaping, exfoliation, massage, cuticle treatment, deep hydration with heated mitts, and polish. Hands look and feel wonderful!
Sports Manicure (about 25 min)$27$30
Well-groomed hands are a must for today's man. The nails are trimmed and shaped to precision, followed by a cuticle treatment and nail buffing that gives the hands a healthy look and feel. Warm paraffin soothes tired hands while softening skin. A hand and arm massage is then performed to recharge tired, achy hands. The sports manicure leaves the hands looking great from week to week.
Classic Manicure (about 25 min)$27$30
Beautify hands with nail shaping, cuticle treatment, warm hand soak, moisturizer and polish. This quick service keeps hands looking beautiful from week to week.


Ultra Fire & Ice Pedicure (1 hour)$60$66
This luxurious service offers a marine inspired facial for the feet. After shaping the nails and exfoliation, feet are treated with a cooling marine foot masque and topped off with a warm paraffin treatment. Finish with the polish of your choice. Included will be a warm towel behind the neck and a hand massage. What a sensation!
Signature Spa Pedicure (50 Min)$50$55
Luxurious therapy for the feet. With this service, you have a choice of: a warm and relaxing, or a cool and rejuvenating hydrating masque. Either will soothe and comfort tired feet and leave them looking beautiful as well. Enjoy the comfort of the massage chair while soaking tired feet in a warm whirlpool. The exfoliation of the legs and feet, the shaping of nails, cuticle treatment, and callus removal leave feet and legs soft and smooth. Your choice of polish tops off this service, leaving feet soft, well groomed, and healthy. The choice of a foot masque or paraffin treatment & an extended foot & leg massage makes this service truly memorable! Your choice of polish completes this signature service, leaving feet soft, well groomed, and healthy.
Effervescent Pedicure (50 min)$55$61
Kick your Signature Spa Pedi up to the next level with a lush cocoon of frothing paraffin. Leave with your feet feeling soothed, smoothed, and looking beautifully maintained.
Classic Pedicure (40 Min)$40$44
This classic treatment ensures proper care and maintenance of tired, achy feet. Feet are soaked in a warm footbath while the guest luxuriates in our relaxing massage chair. Next, nails, cuticles, and calluses are professionally treated along with a hydrating foot and leg massage. A polish of choice is then applied to complete the perfection.
Sports Pedicure (about 40 min.) $40$44
A sports pedicure is an ideal service for our male guest. After a custom foot soak, the nails are trimmed and filed to perfection. Next, the cuticles are treated and gently pushed back. The feet are exfoliated with a soothing foot scrub, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. After a callus treatment, a moisturizing massage is performed, leaving the feet feeling rejuvenated and well groomed.
Quick Fix Pedi (about 20 min)$30$33
This condensed pedicure combines a warm foot soak, cuticle treatment, shaping of the nails and polish. Terrific for a quick fix between full pedicures.
Add-On Effervescence$15$15
Make any pedicure an Effervescent Pedicure
Paraffin Treatment$12$13
This warm therapeutic treatment can be included with a manicure/pedicure or performed alone. Paraffin treatments warm achy joints and hydrate feet and hands.
Polish Change
( Kids 12 & Under $10 )

Acrylic Nail Enhancements

An artful application of artificial nails can enhance any hands.
All acrylic nails and fills include a layer of Shellac Polish over the enhancements at no additional charge.

Full Set
Natural $60$66
Pink & White$70$77
Natural $50$55
Pink & White$60$66
Maintenance (Fill-Ins)
Pink & White$45$50
Buff & Polish$24$30
Nail Repair$8$8

Shellac Polish

The Shellac Application features gel polishes which will allow you to leave immediately with dry polish. The finish will also last up to two weeks without chipping or peeling. This is the perfect solution for a trip to the beach, a special occasion, or anytime you want to be certain that your polish remains flawless.

Shellac Manicure$38$42

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Nail Dip

A quick applying, odor-free acrylic alternative that promotes nail health and a clean-air environment, while offering gel-like shine and weeks of wear, without the need to light cure.

Remove and Redip$50$55
Tip 'n Dip$55$61
Remove & Reapply Tips & Dip$60$66

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Dip or Artificial Enhancement Removal $1 per minute. Please let us know if you have Dip Powder or Acrylic/Gel before your appointment. This will allow time for proper removal to care for your natural nail.